For the creatives behind the multidisciplinary collective Silbersee I created their new site. The old one became too slow and too convoluted to maintain. Stripped off to a comprehensible core for the authors while building upon the iconic design I created a new site which is snappy and fully responsive at the same time.

The primary work was done at the backend level: the way authors interact with the site so their content shows up the way they see fit.

The design work involved is less prominent. I swapped the unneeded amount of plugins and stylesheets for a clean approach. While the initial bold design by Lise Bruyneel of la fabrique des regards was somewhat bleached in the old site I reintroduced this on the digital interactive level.

Next to constant refinement on the backend and frontend part of the website 2019 gave birth to an app for Silbersee which is used offline on presentations and in installations.

ux sass javascript frontend backend statamic