Koppie Right

My local hairdresser was in dire need of a site which reflected their dna more closely than the site they had. With principal design done in 2019 we decided that the Corona crisis should mark the official transition. Connectivity and usability on mobile is paramount so visitors can quickly make an appointment or call their beloved hairdresser.

As I like to work with flat file CMSses like Kirby and Statamic because of the flexibility and speed of coding both back- and frontend, and on top of that a clean interface for everybody who has to deal with updating content to their site which appeals to clients, this site is created with Statamic v2. For me as designer & frontend developer there is no limit in creating bespoke website elements for clients, something that's way more involved on your typical WordPress site. Next to that the involved communities really took me in. I invite you to check Kirby or Statamic if you're interested.

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