Noun Project

I love icons. I like the striking visuals, the broader meaning they portray. The Noun Project keeps a record of icons from all over the world. I like this initiative and since a cautious start in mid 2016 I keep working on this pet-project on a regular basis. Feel free to use any icon you find there. Just give credit where credit is due, or better still: become a member and this way you'll donate to the contributors.

Check out all my icons on noun project or some nice apparel like the lethal sticks or the sushi treat...

icons design sketch

icons in the balls series
icons in the christmas decoration series
icons in the ghosty emoji series
icons in the restaurant series
The count on downloaded icons keeps going higher, so those screenshots are already outdated the moment I post them...
comfy hoodie with graphic of sushi sticks on the chest
Comfortable foodie hoodie featuring one of my food icons - check it out!