Game On

As gaming is one of my favorite spare time activities, I always wanted to tip my toe into this part of the creative world. The same is true for Marco Alting - founder of the Unreal User Group Netherlands - so we started logically with texturing a cube in Unreal Engine and this evolved in your typical dice game. We chose a game that is different than a first person shooter. It explores different types of gameplay and explains less generic solutions than those that can be found online. In our accompanying documentation we cover a way to check the score per dice, all score possibilities with six dice, presenting and interacting with a scoreboard and leaderboard, topped off with some understated but fun game details. Started as a hobbyist kind-a activity the result of our first efforts is available in the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Mainwhile we're spinning up towards our first real tablet-based game which naturally evolves from this learning project, next to the contours of a new little game revolving non-violent gameplay and islandlife ...

design game

five dice floating mid-air